Launch Gear HD - 301050388


Launch 301050388 Diagnostic Scan Tool, Gear HD

Gear HD is an revolutionary smart solution exclusively for commercial vehicle diagnosis. It inherits from Launch’s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles. It features powerful functions, and powerful test results.

  • System Detect Diagnosis: Ability to quickly access the vehicle system. Once Gear HD and the vehicle are properly connected the system starts the auto decoding process. Once the whole process is successfully finished you can start a diagnostic session for each system
  • Manual Diagnosis: If the system detect failure occurs, manual diagnosis is also available.
  • Diagnosis functions include:
    • Version information
    • Read DTCS
    • Clear DTCS
    • Read data stream.
    • Supports 3 display modes, Value, Graphs
  • HD OBD Diagnosis:
    • 10 Modes of OBD11 tests are supported
    • EVAP
    • O2 sensor
    • I/M Readiness
    • MIL Status
    • VIN info
    • On-board motors testing, etc.
  • One Click Update: Lets you update your diagnostic Software and APK Online
  • Diagnostic History: This function provides a quick access to the tested vehicles. Users can choose to view the test report or resume from the last operation
  • Diagnostic Feedback: Use this option to submit the vehicle issues to Launch for analysis and trouble shooting
  • Gear HD also features a great community platform for promotion, advertising pushing, software subscription, and other information releasing
  • Operating System: Android™ 7.0, 1 GB Memory 8G Storage, 4000 M


  • 5″ 720P IPS touch screen
  • Android™ 7.0
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • RAM/ROM: 1G/8G
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Dimension: 248.7*93.5*36 mm