Vampire Pro. Tools Carbon Steel Super Combo Scissors


Features and Benefits:

  • Cuts any material - wire, leather, paper, fabric, rope, CD, thin films cab tire cord and branches
  • Micro-serrated blades that prevent slippage of material being cut, great for light industrial use
  • Wire Cutters that cut through copper and steel wires with ease
  • Box Opener located on outside edge of scissors to safely open boxes, end cover included for safety
  • Ergonomic handles; patented not to catch fingers

Super Combo Scissors™ - A very high quality multi-use 4-in-1 innovative scissors for industrial and home use. The cutting edges are super sharp and micro-serrations provide a firm grip during cutting. Super Combo Scissors™ are made from carbon steel produced by Kobe Steel of Japan and is best suited for strength and durability. These scissors have a finger pinch guard (applied for patent) to avoid fingers being pinched in between handles. The unique S-shaped design transmits gripping power efficiently to the shears. The scissors can be grasped in a variety of ways as shown in attached images. One outer edge of the blade is a box-cutter allowing one less tool to carry. The blade cap clicks to lock onto the scissors and protects the user as well as the scissors.

Carbon Steel Super Combo Scissors - Made in Japan