Vampire Pro. Tools VamPLIERS 7" Slip Joint Pliers With Patented Curved Jaw


Features and Benefits

  • VamPLIERS™ Technology - uniquely designed concave shaped jaws with vertical and horizontal serrations on the inside jaws which make it possible to grab on to a stripped/rusted/corroded screw or rounded nut for extraction
  • Works on special screws like Torx, single-sided, tamper-proof, security, or any unique head
  • Slip joint allows flexibility to remove bigger size screws or nuts/bolts; slim nose to access confined areas
  • Made from treated high quality carbon steel from Kobe in Japan, inside jaws hardened to provide strong grip to target screw or nut/bolt
  • Smooth varnished finish with environmentally friendly elastomer ergonomic handle grip

These slip joint pliers are made to solve a difficult problem of removing problem screws or rounded nuts and bolts. The jaws are hardened so they can bite into the target screw or nut (like a vampire, thus VamPLIERS™).

A normal plier head has horizontal serrations with minimum contact with the target and they slip during movement. The VamPLIERS™ Slip-Joint have a patented curved jaw to allow maximum surface contact with the target during rotation as the target is being extracted.

The VT-001 does a great job of this for smaller target screws and bolts; but the slip-joint provides more flexibility to extract larger size screws, nuts, or bolts.

Some of the best steel in the world is made in Japan. All pliers branded as VamPLIERS™ are made from steel produced in Kobe, Japan.

* Usage Disclaimer: VamPLIERS™ will not take out screws, nuts, or bolts which are specially-hardened, heat-treated, or glued.

VamPLIERS 7" Slip Joint Pliers With Patented Curved Jaw