VamPLIERS 2PC Set S2D; 6.25" and 8" Pro


Features & Benefits:

  • Remove stripped/rusted/corroded/stuck/one-side/Torx screws, nuts and bolts.
  • Designed with VamPLIERS™ Technology.
  • Perfect nose for access to confined spaces.
  • Inside jaw surface hardened to HRC58±2 (Rockwell standard).
  • Ergonomic elastomer handles for unmatched comfort.
  • Made in Japan from high carbon stainless steel.

VamPLIERS™ Technology utilizes a patented design with vertical and horizontal serrations that leads down the inside of the jaws to the tip of the pliers. These serrations are formed, like teeth, at the tip of the pliers to create the maximum amount of contact between the VamPLIERS and the screw; creating the perfect "bite" around the screw's head.